Database and search engines are hard pressed to analyze and target multi-gigabyte volumes of streaming data in real time. Access to critical information is frequently delayed while data feeds are archived, classified, and made available by a search engine. End users and businesses cannot afford such delays.

Streamlogic's complete text mining solution breaks the database bottleneck. Our technology integrates, analyzes, filters, and disseminates relevant portions of high-volume dynamic data feeds to millions of targets in real time. Our solution eliminates the need for ad-hoc, in-house solutions, radically reduces the cost of infrastructure, and enables customers to quickly and economically build a wide range of applications.

The Streamlogic text mining solution is as essential to information management as the database or search engine and will become increasingly important to the way information processing is conducted in the 21st century.
A Customizable, Complete Text Mining Solution
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Reflexion identifies specified patterns or events in dynamic data streams and directs necessary information to the right targets at the right time.

Colexion learns from patterns in the data stream and builds knowledge that leverages this data for maximum intelligence and competitive advantage.

Individually or in conjunction, Reflexion and Colexion enable information architects to maximize the value of their dynamic data resources for optimal productivity.