Your biggest asset is information. Given the limitations of most data management technologies, much of the critical information generated will never reach the target that needs it most. Or else, by the time it does, that information will have lost significant value.

Reflexion solves this problem with a fast and effective stream management solution designed to help organizations capitalize on their dynamic data resources - in real time.

What is it?

Streamlogic's Reflexion is a multipurpose, highly scalable, rule-based text processing engine that enables real-time monitoring (profiling), transformation, and delivery of dynamic data. The engine accurately detects and reacts to specific occurrences (patterns) in the data for maximum control and targeting effectiveness.

Reflexion is controlled by Streamlogic's Standard Pattern Language (SPL) - a language similar to SQL in its utility and application. SPL describes monitoring conditions via a set of rules regarding the presence or absence of watched-for events in a particular feed. Reflexion also uses SPL to transform one stream into another, generate new streams, or execute specific events upon the arrival of a corresponding stream event. Information architects can quickly and efficiently build complex business logic into their data management infrastructures to capitalize on their data resources in real time.

Why use it?

Information is power - and the fresher and more targeted information is, the more power it can provide to businesses and individuals. In particular, access to targeted information, independent of time and location, provides a huge competitive advantage. Active searching for information is efficient when the information is only needed once, or when the most current information isn't necessary. However, a company's time and money are used inefficiently when employees perform repetitive manual monitoring when, for example, scanning certain news streams, web sites, or discussion groups for information about a specific topic. A better solution would be to use an engine that automatically and continuously filters information streams, based on a personal trigger or "profile." The triggers could be created by end users to specify which information from the stream they would like to have delivered to them, or by information architects to introduce business logic to a feed in order to transform or route it.

Information aggregators can focus on a particular audience by categorizing their mass-produced information into "channels," but this does not go far enough in meeting the needs of individual users or functions. Reflexion fulfills the need by enabling true one-to-one targeting of information in real-time and with ultimate accuracy.

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