A Customizable, Complete Text Mining Solution
Colexion can enhance the discovery process by uncovering associations and relationships previously undetected and by identifying emerging trends in the data.

The load of dynamic data being delivered to today's corporations is so large and complex that it can't be managed effectively. Streamlogic's Colexion dynamically analyzes information streams on the fly, transforming data into knowledge, enabling organizations to capitalize on their information resources.

What is it?

Colexion is a multipurpose, truly scalable Dynamic Feed Analysis engine, capable of analyzing large quantities of high-volume streams with minimal hardware and personnel requirements.

Colexion's accurate, dynamic learning model is unencumbered by reading data archives and provides an easily configurable system, capable of operating on various or multiple taxonomies. Colexion's ability to analyze gigabytes of data in tens of thousands of categories in real time makes it an ideal stream management tool, applicable to a wide range of stream oriented tasks that require in-depth and real-time contextual analysis of text or numeric data.

Colexion delivers an effective solution to the problem of organizing and making available large volumes of information with unsurpassed precision and real time speed.

Why use it?

Colexion is able to construct and monitor statistical profiles of stream content, extracting and constantly updating profiles on behalf of every stream. This enables the software to provide up-to-date summaries of each stream's content and analyze how one stream differs from others or from itself over time.

Colexion creates knowledge in real time by identifying, classifying, and correlating information contained in the data stream. Powered by a single-pass data mining engine, Colexion utilizes the stream volume itself to statistically identify the terminological essence of an incoming topic, create topical keywords, and determine the most likely set of documents that fit the topical profile, minimizing the involvement of human labor without a corresponding loss of human quality.

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